Talent concept


Attracting, educating, employing and loving talents is the company's precious capital. With preferential talent policy, fair competition stage, broad development space and harmonious working atmosphere, the company continues to attract and retain all kinds of professional talents.

★ Provide competitive salary and welfare, establish scientific and quantified employee incentive system, recruit talents from all over the world.

★ To provide a fair and just evaluation mechanism, to achieve only talent, talent to use, in the company's success at the same time, to help employees to realize their own value.

★ Advocate happy work, help each other, constantly improve the spiritual and cultural pursuit of the enterprise, for the staff to create the warmth of home.

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Quality Section Chief




Job conditions:
1. Responsible for docking with the project team on product and customer requirements, and conducting internal review;
2. Responsible for product quality issues and process monitoring;
3. Responsible for solving customer complaints and participating in the handling of after-sales problems.
4. Responsible for the daily management of the quality department.
job requirements:
1 College degree or above, those with rich experience can relax the requirements
2. Experience in quality management in the automotive industry, management experience in large and medium-sized enterprises is preferred
3. Good English skills are preferred

Motor Controller Software Engineer




Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in automation, automatic control, motor drive and control, power electronics, etc.;
2. Have work experience in software development, and have a basic understanding of power electronics, analog circuits, and digital circuits;
3. Understand the software code of permanent magnet synchronous motor PMSM or brushless DC motor BLDC controller, and be familiar with the working principle of motor drive system, such as FOC, MTPA, etc.;
4. Proficient in C language programming, familiar with ARM core chips such as Infineon and Freescale.
5. Familiar with mainstream communication protocols such as CAN, LIN/UART, SPI, and familiar with UDS or Bootloader;
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for maintaining and developing motor control codes, and debugging motor control parameters, such as motor calibration, debugging of speed loop and current loop;
2. Responsible for maintaining and developing code writing and debugging of specific functional modules;
3. Responsible for the sorting, writing and archiving of technical documents and materials related to the development of controller software;
4. Provide technical support and troubleshooting to customers according to project needs.
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