It is imperative to develop new products for small diesel engines

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Focusing on high-end, improving grades, and narrowing the price gap with similar foreign products is not only the development goal of the small diesel engine industry, but also a breakthrough for the industry to enter a benign development space from transformation and upgrading. Shao Renen, secretary general of the two branches of single-cylinder diesel engine and multi-cylinder small diesel engine, said at the meeting of the secretary general of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association held in Xuzhou not long ago.

The smaller the power, the harder it is to reach the standard

With the successive promulgation of national emission and noise regulations, energy-saving and material-saving industrial policies, and the standardized and scientific development of supervision, my country's small diesel engine manufacturers must complete the task of meeting existing standards and regulations for noise and emissions.

Shao Renen said that it is very difficult to meet the energy-saving indicators. The level of the multi-cylinder engine is acceptable, and the level of the single-cylinder engine with high power and large bore is also acceptable. However, there is still a lot of work to be done for the single-cylinder engine with small power and small bore. Coupled with the pressure to implement higher-level emission regulations, companies are far from ready.