Analysis on the Development Status of my country's Diesel Engine Industry

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In the environment of energy saving and emission reduction, not only the emission standards for family cars are becoming more and more stringent, but the emissions for non-road mobile mechanical vehicles are also increasing. As we all know, with the more and more extensive application of various types of non-road mobile machinery in production and life, the need for pollutant emission control is becoming more and more urgent. According to statistics, about 2 million non-road diesel engines are newly added every year in China, and about 20% of the national annual diesel consumption of more than 100 million tons is used for various types of non-road mobile machinery. These non-road mobile machines are important emission sources of nitrogen oxides, and it is estimated that the annual emission of nitrogen oxides is more than 2 million tons.

According to the "Notice on Limits and Measurement Methods of Exhaust Pollutants from Diesel Engines for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (China's Third and Fourth Stages)" issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection on May 16, 2014: From October 1, 2015, the Manufacture and sale of diesel engines for non-road mobile machinery in the second stage. All manufactured and sold diesel engines for non-road mobile machinery must meet the requirements of the third stage of the above standards; from April 1, 2016, it will be stopped Manufacture, import and sale of non-road mobile machinery equipped with the second stage diesel engine. All non-road mobile machinery manufactured, imported and sold shall be equipped with diesel engines that meet the requirements of the third stage of this standard.