Single-cylinder diesel engine technology upgrade is imminent

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Due to the adjustment of the agricultural machinery subsidy policy this year, the market thrust is small, and the sales volume of the single-cylinder diesel engine industry, which accounts for a relatively high proportion of the supporting agricultural machinery field, continues to shrink. The cumulative sales volume of single-cylinder diesel engines in May was 1.3118 million units, down 19.85% year-on-year. The top five companies in terms of sales are Changchai, Changfa, Jiangdong, Changlin Agricultural Equipment, and Jinfeiyu, whose single-cylinder diesel engine sales account for 71.70% of the industry's sales. On the whole, most of the companies with larger sales showed a year-on-year decline, and the decline was generally more than 18%, with the highest decline reaching 56.86%. Among them, only Jinfeiyu and United Power maintained positive growth in cumulative sales. 

As a major producer of internal combustion engines, single-cylinder diesel engines are a major feature of my country's internal combustion engine industry. At the same time, my country is also the largest producer and user of single-cylinder diesel engines in the world. Its annual production and sales still account for about 75% of the total of all countries in the world. Although the sales volume of single-cylinder diesel engines has dropped from the peak annual output of 9.5 million units in the last century to 5.5 million units last year, the export volume can still reach nearly 2 million units. Every year, in addition to single machines, it also supports a large number of imports and exports of supporting units (mobile small tractors, stationary irrigation and drainage, generator sets, etc.).