How to effectively control the quality of automobile stamping parts?

In the maintenance and repair of automobiles, the cleaning of parts is a relatively important work. When each assembly is disassembled into parts, it is necessary to remove oil, carbon and scale from the parts, so that the assembly and vehicle assembly can be carried out smoothly. By removing dirt and washing the inside and outside of the car and its assemblies and parts, problems (such as abnormal wear, cracks, looseness, etc.) can be found in time, and corresponding measures can be taken to prevent unsafe hazards.

Explanation of the main terms of diesel engine

1. Internal combustion engine: a heat engine in which fuel is burned inside the cylinder to convert thermal energy into mechanical energy. 2. Top dead center and bottom dead center: The position where the top surface of the piston in the cylinder is farthest from the centerline of the crankshaft is called the top dead center. Conversely, the position where the top surface of the piston in the cylinder is closest to the centerline of the crankshaft is called bottom dead center. 3. Piston stroke: the distance from the last dead point of the piston to the other dead point for quality inspection. 4. Combustion chamber and combustion chamber volume: When the piston is at the top dead center, the sum of the space between its top and the cylinder head is called the combustion chamber, and its volume is called the combustion chamber volume. 5. The total volume of the cylinder: when the piston is at the bottom dead center, the total space between it and the cylinder liner and cylinder head quality inspection is equal to the sum of the working volume and the volume of the combustion chamber, which is called the total volume of the cylinder. 6. The working volume of the cylinder: the volume of the cylinder through which the piston passes from the upper and lower dead centers, also called the piston displacement. 7. Compression ratio: the ratio of the total volume of the cylinder to the volume of the combustion chamber.

my country's single-cylinder diesel engine product quality needs to be improved

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the National Internal Combustion Engine Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted a national supervision and spot check on single-cylinder diesel engine products. The pass rate was greatly improved compared with the pass rate of this type of products in the national supervision and spot check in 2014, but the pass rate of this product was still very low. , the existing quality problems are still very serious, the National License Office Machinery Product Review Department has conducted serious research and analysis and submitted a single-cylinder diesel engine quality status analysis report to the National License Office, summarizing the single-cylinder diesel engine industry. Results, analyzed the quality problems that still exist, and put forward suggestions for carrying out quality improvement activities for single-cylinder diesel engines

Single-cylinder diesel engine technology upgrade is imminent

Due to the adjustment of the agricultural machinery subsidy policy this year, the market thrust is small, and the sales volume of the single-cylinder diesel engine industry, which accounts for a relatively high proportion of the supporting agricultural machinery field, continues to shrink. The cumulative sales volume of single-cylinder diesel engines in May was 1.3118 million units, down 19.85% year-on-year. The top five companies in terms of sales are Changchai, Changfa, Jiangdong, Changlin Agricultural Equipment, and Jinfeiyu, whose single-cylinder diesel engine sales account for 71.70% of the industry's sales. On the whole, most of the companies with larger sales showed a year-on-year decline, and the decline was generally more than 18%, with the highest decline reaching 56.86%. Among them, only Jinfeiyu and United Power maintained positive growth in cumulative sales.

Working principle of single cylinder diesel engine

Diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses diesel fuel as fuel. It is a compression ignition engine and can be divided into single-cylinder and multi-cylinder diesel engines according to the number of cylinders. A single-cylinder diesel engine is a diesel engine with one cylinder. From the outside, there is only one injector and a high-pressure pipe. The coolant of the single-cylinder diesel engine does not circulate, but uses natural cooling. Its low-pressure oil intake relies on gravity, and it is more Compared to a diesel engine, there is no fine oil filter.

Analysis on the Development Status of my country's Diesel Engine Industry

In the environment of energy saving and emission reduction, not only the emission standards for family cars are becoming more and more stringent, but the emissions for non-road mobile mechanical vehicles are also increasing. As we all know, with the more and more extensive application of various types of non-road mobile machinery in production and life, the need for pollutant emission control is becoming more and more urgent.

It is imperative to develop a new generation of diesel engines

my country's national economy is still in the stage of industrialization transformation, and some structural contradictions and problems that restrict the development of the industry are far from being resolved. The continuous expansion of the team and the difficulty of organizing and matching accessories have become the restrictive factors for the development in 2011.

It is imperative to develop new products for small diesel engines

Focusing on high-end, improving grades, and narrowing the price gap with similar foreign products is not only the development goal of the small diesel engine industry, but also a breakthrough for the industry to enter a benign development space from transformation and upgrading. Shao Renen, secretary general of the two branches of single-cylinder diesel engine and multi-cylinder small diesel engine, said at the meeting of the secretary general of the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association held in Xuzhou not long ago.

How many cleaning methods are there for auto parts?

Due to people's lack of understanding of the function of parts cleaning, the parts cannot be thoroughly cleaned, which affects the assembly quality. Therefore, parts cleaning should attract the attention of drivers.